Successfully held BISEC 2015 Conference
at Belgrade Metropolitan University

Belgrade Metropolitan University and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science, organized Seventh National Conference on Information Security – BISEC 2015, held on 17, June 2015 at Belgrade Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia.

Conference was supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia. The aim of the Conference was to strengthen the bonds between economy, public sector and academic circles in the field of information security and communication systems, taking into account current standards and state of the art information and communication technology in practice.

The main topic was Social Networks Security, while some of subtopics were:

  • security of business systems
  • security of mobile platforms, smart devices and communication
  • techniques and tools to defend against attacks and safety audits
  • privacy and Security System Update
  • forensics of computer systems
  • web application security
  • security of Wi-Fi networks
  • security of e-commerce
  • cyber physical security of critical structures
  • safety assessment of existing and planned systems
  • cloud safety
  • database safety
  • cryptography
  • steganography
  • protection from malicious software
  • information Security and legislation
  • information Security and ISO standards
  • future of information security

At the beginning with the words of welcome, attendees were addressed by Rector of the Belgrade Metropolitan University, Professor Dragan Domazet. After his welcome speech, Mr. Sava Savić, Assistant minister in Sector for information society, at Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Republic of Serbia, who officially opened the Conference, announced that the draft Law on information security, which will regulate the responsibility and role of government, business and civil society in the field of information security, will find soon at a public discussion. He also mentioned that information security is one of the six strategic priorities in information society development strategy until 2020.

With great pleasure, Rector of the Belgrade Metropolitan University, Professor Dragan Domazet, presented certificates of gratitude to Professor Aca Aleksić, Executive Director of Information Technology Services, the company Dunav RE in Belgrade as well as to professor Dragan Đurđević from the Academy of National Security, the Republic of Serbia, for contribution to the successful work of the Conference BISEC.

Keynote speakers of the Conference were:

  • Dr. Dragan Domazet, Rector of the Metropolitan University in Belgrade,
  • Branislav Vujović, founder and president of New Frontier Group,
  • Daniel Safar, regional manager of Check Point Software Technologies.

Sponsors of the Conference were companies:  SAGA, ENEL PS, ROHDE&SCHWARZ, PEARSON.


Download Proceedings BISEC 2015 (in Serbian) PDF

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