Successfully held BISEC 2016 Conference
at Belgrade Metropolitan University

Belgrade Metropolitan University and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts organized the Ninth International Conference on Information Security, BISEC 2016, held on October 15, 2016, Belgrade Metropolitan University, Serbia.

The Conference gathered the most respectable experts in the field of information and communication systems with a goal to analyze and discuss information security solutions. The aim of the Conference was to strengthen the bonds between business, public sector and academic community by raising awareness about information security and its crucial importance among the widest population.

The main topic of the Conference was Critical infrastructure protection and Internet of things, while subtopics are including:

  • Critical Infrastructure and Control Systems Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security
  • Techniques and tools to defend against attack critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Digital forensics systems of critical infrastructure and IoT
  • Web application security of critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Security WiFi networks in critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Cyber and physical security of critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Cloud Security
  • Cryptography and steganography in order to protect critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Protection against malicious software of critical infrastructure systems and IoT
  • Education in the field of information security
  • The future protection of information security

At the beginning with the words of welcome, attendees were addressed by Rector of the Belgrade Metropolitan University, Professor Dragan Domazet. After his welcome speech, Nebojša Vasiljević, information security and e-commerce advisor at Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Republic of Serbia, officially opened the Conference. Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications is drafting the strategy on information security and is planning to implement all areas of information security to it, for the further steps.

Keynote speakers of the BISEC 2016 Conference were:

  • Dragan Pleskonjić – IGT, Great Britain
  • Srđan Krčo – DunavNET, Serbia
  • Zlatogor Mincev – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

It was said that the number of various online abuses has grown year by year. Statistics show that about 50% of reported cases are reported every year. Cyber security can no longer be viewed separately from security in the real world. Leading experts in the field of information security from the country and the region exchanged experiences regarding the latest technologies and standards that are applied in practice when it comes to the protection and security of information and communication systems. It was pointed out that it is very important to have a solid co-operation between the economy, the public sector and the academic community in the area of information and communication security.




BISEC 2016 – Conference Proceedings