Travel Arrangements and Accommodations

Need help finding a place to stay and get around town? Book your accommodations early to save your self a spot and avoid over-charging!

Hotels in Niš


Information on public transportation

Public transport (from bus station to BMU bus No 3, cross street from bus station, From City Center bus No, 1 and 3)

Taxis can be found throughout the city at various checkpoints or called on: 
+381 18 41 555 41 – Bros Taxi
+381 18 45 000 05 – Prvi Taxi
+381 18 309 700 – Eko Taxi
+381 65 92 81 000 – City Taxi

Taxi prices are regulated and driving around the approximate city centre shouldn’t cost more than 500-600rsd (5€, 6€).

The conference and meeting will be held at the Niš Metropolitan University: 
Link to Google maps, Niš Metropolitan University (conference venue)

Contact us if you need any additional information at:
See you at the conference BISEC 2024