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The main focus of the BISEC-2022 was cyber resilience. Participants had the opportunity to hear the latest information in the field of network infrastructure protection, protection standards in the business environment, blockchain technologies in the financial sector, but also in the machine learning sectors, especially in distributed machine learning – federated learning. The participants got to know each other and exchanged experiences about the latest advanced techniques for protecting critical infrastructure, as well as about the use of artificial intelligence in protecting critical infrastructure. There was also talk about Data Protection Standards in the RS and EU Laws related to data protection.
The dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Belgrade Metropolitan University, Prof. Dr. Miroslava Raspopović Milić, opened the conference and pointed out that new technologies and standards in data protection drive today’s and future business environment. Lecturers from public and private institutions and Serbian politics and economy presented their current solutions and works that are current or will find their application in the future.
The BISEC-2022 conference was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovations of the Republic of Serbia. The conference organizers would like to acknowledge this support and partnership, which helped out in making the BISEC-2022 conference successful.