Successfully held BISEC 2019 Conference
at Belgrade Metropolitan University

Belgrade Metropolitan University and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts organized the Ninth International Conference on Information Security, BISEC 2019, held on September 13th 2019, Belgrade Metropolitan University, Serbia.
The Conference gathered the most respectable experts in the field of information and communication systems with a goal to analyze and discuss information security solutions. The aim of the Conference was to strengthen the bonds between business, public sector and academic community by raising awareness about information security and its crucial importance among the widest population.

The main topic of the Conference was Critical Infrastructure Protection, while subtopics are including:


  • Management of SCADA protection
  • Design of a secure data protection solution in SCADA systems
  • Security measures for data protection in SCADA systems
  • Implementation of technical measures for data protection in SCADA systems
  • Advanced techniques for critical infrastructure protection
  • Use artificial intelligence to protect critical infrastructure
  • Data protection standards in SCADA systems
  • RS and EU legal regulations related to the protection of critical infrastructure data

Keynote speakers of the BISEC 2017 Conference was:

  • Prof. Dr. Khalid Saeed