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The main focus of the BISEC-2023 were security issues and challenges and means to overcome them. Participants had the opportunity to hear the latest information in the field of security issues in robotics, wireless sensor networks (WSNs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), as well as new lightweight blockchain-based solutions.
The participants got to know each other and exchanged experiences about the latest advanced techniques for protecting robotic platforms, WNSs and web security. There was also talk about the security issues already identifies for future smart cities, and means of their mitigation. The President of Belgrade Metropolitan University, Prof. Dr. Dragan Domazet, opened the conference and pointed out that new methodologies, standards, and approaches in data protection, driven by disruptive technologies such as Web3, blockchain and smart devices are crucial to develop a better and safer future. Lecturers from both public and private institutions presented their current solutions and works that are current or will find their application in the future. The conference proceedings present a compilation of selected nine accepted articles and short papers at the conference out of 24 paper submissions received.